Group Events

  • Silvia Fischer

    Friendship Meeting | 20 people | Apéro | Buffet |Bowling

    “We organized this year’s friendship meeting with the Bülach Kiwanis Club at OZ-Bowling in Dielsdorf. OZ-Bowling was already known to me through an event with the Dielsdorf trade association. So I had no doubt that the combination of Apéro, Bowling and Food would go down well. The Apéro was enjoyed while bowling and the subsequent buffet was well equipped for every palate and satisfied everyone’s appetite. The warmth and spontaneity of the employees at OZ-Bowling make it suitable for any social occasion. …why “squint into the distance” when the best is so close… plus there are plenty of parking spots available.”
    Silvia Fischer
    KIWANIS CLUB, Regensdorf-Dielsdorf
  • Regula Stierli

    40th Birthday Party | 35 people | relaxed evening | Apéro | Buffet |Bowling

    For my 40th birthday I wanted a nice evening, where culinary pleasure could be combined with fun for my guests, in a cozy and social atmosphere. Thanks to a hint from my sister and a good offer, I decided for OZ-Bowling. My guests loved the modern bowling centre with the Australian setting. After bowling, we finished the evening at the salad bar with a nice hot ham. My guests enjoyed the energy and pleasant atmosphere very much . Their feedback was very positive on account of the flexibility and the uncomplicated handling of the evening of the charming OZ Bowling team. I highly recommend OZ-Bowling to everyone.”
    Regula Stierli

Company Events

  • Kurt Lips, ETAVIS AG

    Staff Event | 35 people| Presentation | Apéro | Bowling

    For the second time we carried out an informational event for our employees at OZ-Bowling. After a projector presentation, we went on to have fun while bowling and having refreshments. The size of the facility, the good price for its offerings and the uncomplicated and friendly staff made OZ-Bowling a unique host for corporate events.”
    Kurt Lips, ETAVIS AG
  • Corina Wolfensberger, LINDE-KRYOTECHNIK

    Christmas Event | 80 people | Apéro | Buffet | Bowling | Lounge

    We had our private Christmas party at OZ Bowling . The Apéro, which we had in the Ned Kelly lounge, was great. The buffet had a wide choice of dishes – highly recommended. After the meal, we went down to the bowling alley while the Ned Kelly lounge remained opened for us. Our staff had a lot of fun while bowling. All the bowling facility and equipment including the Ned Kelly lounge used. The delicious Christmas food was very good value for money and I can gladly recommend it.”
    Corina Wolfensberger, LINDE-KRYOTECHNIK
  • Andeas Lehnherr,

    Business Event | 180 people | Apéro | Buffete| Bowling | Lounge

    Thanks for the great regional event for our 180 employees! Everything was great from A to Z and has run smoothly and professionally. It was really a successful event and was very appreciated by all. Thank you for the hospitality. We will gladly recommend OZ Bowling.
    Andeas Lehnherr,

School Class

  • Sarah Looser

    Graduation Party | 40 Students | Bowling | Games

    “I was planning a swimming course with two classes before the summer holidays, but since the weather was so bad, I had to quickly organize an alternative. Since I already knew OZ-Bowling from former visits, I knew what I was paying for, and the graduation was a huge success for my 40 students. The bowling alley and the game gallery are always well received by everyone. The offer was great for the price, it is near a train stop and primarily the flexibility and generosity of OZ-Bowling to open up outside its opening times were very much appreciated. I can recommend OZ-Bowling for all types of events; It is especially suited for schools, youth clubs and families.”
    Sarah Looser
    Oberstufe Regensdorf