Ned Kelly Lounge

G'day mate! The Ned Kelly Lounge at OZ Bowling in Zurich-Dielsdorf not only plays music, but also pays tribute to the Australian folk hero - or was Ned Kelly more of a nefarious criminal? The discussion remains exciting!

But the Ned Kelly Lounge is more than just a tribute to an Australian legend - it's a place for live entertainment, tasty rips and refreshing drinks for friends and colleagues. This is where the true streams of the outback meet while you enjoy yourself in a cozy atmosphere.

Experience live events, spontaneous jam sessions and epic karaoke nights. Throw your darts or play a game of pool while refreshing yourself at our bar. The Ned Kelly Lounge is the party venue for all occasions - be it for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events or simply to celebrate life.

Immerse yourself in the world of Australian legends and enjoy the ambience of the Ned Kelly Lounge.