Fondue Chinoise and Bowling

Enjoy from November to March our favorite Fondue Chinoise Experience from SFr. 59.00 inclusive 2 hours bowling.

Choose from 7 meat, 3 side dish und 7 fine sauces and put your own favorite Fondue Chinoise together or choose one of our 3 suggestions:

As a group of minimum 8 person, a familiy or business party, the Fondue Chinoise Experience at the OZ Bowling – Blackstump is alwayy something special.

Prize Bowling mit Fondue Chinoise


2 hours bowling incl. shoe hire

Fondue Chinoise

Experience 1: Chicken, Pork, Rice and Country Cuts

Monday – Sunday 64.00 SFr p.Pers.

Erlebnis 2: Poulet,Schwein, Kalb Reis und Country Cuts

Monday – Sunday 69.00 SFr p.Pers.

Erlebnis 3: Poulet Kalb Rind, Reis und Country Cuts

Monday – Sunday 74.00 SFr p.Pers.

With Fondue Chinoise we serve pickeled gurkens, onions and mushrooms (Champignons) and our fine sauces.

Your own Fondue Chinoise

Put together your own Fondue Chinoise:

Meat:Beef, Chicken, Veal, Kangaroo, Pork, Pute, ostrich und Horse.

Sauces:Curry, mustard, sour creme, tomato, garlic, Quacamole and Texas Relish

Side Dish:Rice, country cuts, Crocettes or as per request

The price depuends on the number of poeple, quantinty and assortment of meat, sauces and side dish. Our experienced team is happy to help in the planing.

minimum 8 person (bookings 5 days in advance)

Reservations are binding